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Khouzestan Steel Company in line of knowledge management maturity

Khouzestan Steel Company as the second producer of crude steel and one of pioneer economical firms has a vital role in the region and country. This company with 3.8 square kilometers extent is located near Ahwaz city, center of Khouzestan province in south west of Iran.
This company has begun producing Iron and Steel since 1986 as the first producer of Iron and steel has achieved the nominal capacity of 1.5 million tons per year, then by executing the expanding projects the capacity increased up to 2.4 by the first phase and by the second phase it is increased up to 3.2 million tons per year. During these years Khouzestan steel company fully committed to satisfy its customers in both quality and services and in this way the company obtained several certificates.
This company was one of the first industrial organizations which has implemented knowledge management in collaboration with MTA Company in 2009. During this years, Khouzestan Steel Company managed to create suitable infrastructure for knowledge management processes, and because of the correct implementation of knowledge management processes, it gained several top ranks in national knowledge management conferences too.
Managers of this company believe in continuing of this path. To do so and developing knowledge management via new approach, they have selected MTA Company again.

Saturday, October 31, 2015