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Knowledge management in Sarcheshme copper complex

Copper is one of the most useful metals which is being used in different industries and up to 85% - 90% of world copper consumption is achieved through copper mines exploitation. In terms of copper mines, Iran is located on global belt of copper in north west-south east of country.
In order to exploit these valuable resources, Sarcheshmeh Copper Mines Corporation was established in 1972. Name of this company, changed to Iranian National Copper Industries Company in 1976 with responsibility of all of copper mines in the country. Some tasks of this company are as follow: Extract, exploit and produce of mine stones with high fineness, the other products like Cathode, slab, billet and 8 millimeters wire.
Due to preservation and increase of Intellectual Capital, Iranian National Copper Industries Company, decided to implement knowledge management as main objectives of company. To do so, MTA Company commenced Knowledge Management Master Plan project for 9 months in Sarcheshme copper complex in Kerman province. After identifying strength and improvable points in this organization, in other phases of project proper solutions in structural, cultural and technological domains will be accomplished in total project deadline.

Saturday, October 31, 2015