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MTAShare KM software
KM implementation in today organizations is not possible without KM technologies. MTAShare is a web based KM system which collects employees, departments and projects' knowledge. Moreover, it provides easy Knowledge Assessment, Knowledge Packaging and Knowledge retrieval procedures. MTAShare also offers knowledge map facilities through giving appropriate access to organization's experts based on knowledge tree of the organization.
Knowledge Management Master Plan (KMMP)
Knowledge Management Master Plan is an eight stage procedure and is implemented based on the most recent and reliable KM theories. After knowledge audition in an organization, effective strategies for the organization get identified and adopted in 3 principals of KM, Culture, Structure and Technology.
Knowledge Acquisition
MTA offers knowledge acquisition services through a 7 stage methodology. In this method, tacit knowledge of experienced managers and experts of organizations is elicited, classified, enriched, codified and reported.
KM Trainings
MTA plans and holds different KM workshops for different organizations backing to its wide KM implementation experiences, its qualified lecturers, and experience of holding more than 100 KM workshops.